Tuesday, April 10, 2007

it's official!

We are engaged! For those of you who are wondering the how and when and where's, here's the story, as told by me:

I had asked Jan if we could have an egg hunt at his parents house over easter because that is my favorite tradition from the Abelmanns. I bought some chocolate eggs, and filled some plastic ones and gave them to his mom to hide. She combined it w/real eggs and a bigger prize for each of us, and after hiding in the basement for a few minutes, we took our skills outside and began to hunt. I wandered for a good 5 minutes by myself, and then Jan came up alongside me and we started looking together. He slyly led me toward the back of the yard and over behind his dad's shop where his mom 'always hides good stuff'. I, always one to get excited about finding more chocolate, eagerly followed him. We went around the corner, I started looking, and came upon a huge Ostrich egg with 2" pieces of blue duck tape all over it. Confused, I looked at him to which he responded, 'It's a present, maybe you should open it!' And so I did, piece by piece, until the last piece revealed a piece of fishing line. I started pulling it, and from within the egg, out of some tissue, came the most beautiful ring I'd ever seen. I just held it and looked at him like...ohh...and he got down on one knee and proposed. After lots of hugs and kisses and a 'yes!!!' from me, we went around the corner toward the rest of the family to find his dad lighting off a whole bunch of bottle rockets and then coming over and giving me a big hug. The rest of his family..hugs, congrats..then pics...everyone, him on one knee holding up the large egg....it was so overwhelming and my eyes were watering and wouldn't stop, and...I've never been so happy.


f*bomb. said...

You get that picture of Jan on his knees holding the egg posted up NOW!

Congratulations and Thank You, Easter Bunny.

Erica said...

sign me up w/ an easter egg hunt anytime! congrats!