Wednesday, May 16, 2007


A few weekends ago, Jan and I went to a store that was filled with antiques and many items rescued from estates, old restaurants, etc. Pretty fantastic. The goal was to find an old wooden window frame to put pics in from our parents, and grandparent's weddings. I looked at a lot of ideas for this, and liked this the best. The other photos had all different frames scattered on a table, and I thought it looked too cluttered. We found the perfect one, and are in the midst of getting new glass cut and photos gathered. It's great, but my it's a little heavy. We'll probably ship it sans glass and then put it together a few days before. I love how they are all made uniform in the frame - we'll eventually hang it up in our house!


rachel lee said...

Awesome idea! It works perfect!

f*bomb. said...

This is a BRILLIANT idea! I absolutely LOVE this look and the concept of uniting the families history in an antique frame...just beautiful.
Once again, nicely done.