Thursday, May 3, 2007

the getaway

Everyone needs a mode of transportation on their wedding day, and I firmly believe limo's are out. That may partly be because I've never been in one, but who would choose a limo when there are so many other great old cars out there w/pizazz? That's where Flower shows up. Becky & Alan's orangy/yellow (i forget the exact color) van who was taken from 2 sisters in their late age after many adventures together. It has a flip top camper, a horse head shifter, and horse head music knobs. Not to mention tons of stickers all over the inside depicting their travels over the years. Weddings are the beginning of history, and it seems appropriate that we should ride away with a piece of someone else's to get us started.

This isn't Flower, but possibly one of her distant cousins. If Jan ever made me get a camper, this would be my first choice.
Get out the tin cans, we're getting married!


f*bomb. said...

O- I LOVE this!!!

This wedding is going to be bitchin'.

char said...

girl they weren't sisters just "really good friends" so to speak. In their late 80's still living together! Flower's a love bug!