Tuesday, May 1, 2007

pretty pretty

if $ was no object, i would love these on my b-maids: jcrew, & anthropologie...love them..

but since it is, and we had a few other factors to consider, we went with this very pretty option. it looks great on, plus has detachable straps! And the color is 'seagull', perfect for the location. i might make blue sashes to go around the waist, or we can add some flowers in their hair to add some color. jan's new suit is grey, so this will look great!


f*bomb. said...

You may want to know that my roommate works for Anthropologie and gets 40% off those dresses- that is a better value than the pretty-pretty gray dress from Ann Taylor! Let me know if you want that...
I. LOVE. THAT. DRESS! Pretty-pretty bright blue!!! That's the sort of dress just made to run around in glee with!

julia said...

i know me too! but his little sister can't show off the chest area like we can. so i had to go more conservative and straight accross. it's too late to switch now, but i wish i woulda known..

however..i will need dresses for my engagement pics and rehersal dinner and indiana receptions, hook a sister UP!

oh, you wanna come to southern indiana for a hoe down on aug. 11th?

f*bomb. said...

I will have to see about August, but as for the dresses, give me a list of pretty-pretty and the sizes you need and she can help you out!

julia said...

awesome, i will get that list to you for sure! keep in mind that there will be a band and bbq. oh, and 4-500 people.

they do it BIG.

f*bomb. said...

O, so now we're dressing the entire party?!?! OF COURSE WE ARE.

That way, at least we know no one will be fugly on YOUR day.