Tuesday, June 5, 2007

a girl loves her shoes

This was the second hardest purchase behind the bridesmaid dressed. Trust me, 4 of us girls HUNTED online everywhere for the perfect shoes, but not just the perfect pair in general, dressy, 3" heel wedges in a light neutral color. Sadly, this proved impossible. Wedges by nature are either not neutral in color enough for my dress, or too casual. The final compromise is this lovely pair, suprisingly by Naturalizer. I get comfort, a lovely peep toe, and a thick heel, so I don't implant myself in the grass or get stuck each time I get down on the dance floor. Plus they're on sale! I'll try these on w/my dress in 2 wks at my next fitting. One more thing checked off!

{found by ms. caroline, talented friend and shoe finder}

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carolinesbakeshop said...

where is my credit for finding these puppies!!!!