Wednesday, June 20, 2007

have you rsvp'd??

Now that most of the invites have been sent out, I'm sharing what they look like. Some more are going out this week, and announcements will go out just before the wedding! I printed these on a slight ivory card stock, and rounded the corners. I'll post the rsvp cards and maps later this week. They went out in lake blue envelopes, with labels I made to match the interior design.


David said...

Hey Jules--just wanted to let you know I got the invitation. Though I'm way on the other side of the world I appreciate you thinking of me. Just saw your folks few days ago. Best of luck w/all your preparation!!

f*bomb. said...

All my roommates have looked at your invitation and said it is the coolest one they've ever seen! They can tell just by looking at them that you're "the photographer" and they love your style!

...I will mail in my RSVP, so lay off me, yo.

Erica said...

beautiful invites!