Thursday, June 7, 2007

oh, what fun

I used to be the person that thought, seriously people, why are you so attached to your dress? Sell that thing on ebay and use it for a vacation! And then I found my dress. Each time I've put it on I fall more in love with it, and it makes me want to be like Phoebe on Friends and wear it later, around the house, you know, whatever. I read about this event on wedding bee called "Trash the Dress", and while I don't think I could do it, I would LOVE to be the photographer!! So if any of you want to get all modeled up and put on fancy thrift store dresses to do a different spin on things, I would totally coordinate a photoshoot to trash the suckers in the ocean, a lake, whatever.

If you want to participate in the real deal, look up trash bashes in your area on Some of those photos are fantastically awesome.

1 comment:

f*bomb. said...

Some of those are great because they're carefree and vibrant...but a few are highly disturbing, violent images that suggest brutality against the woman INSIDE the trashed dress.

I am moved to write a letter of warning...