Thursday, July 5, 2007

the fathership

My dad doesn't have too much to do pre-wedding besides funding this shin-dig along w/my mom, but I am having him run a few errands while in Utah this week. He is going to pick up some jars for rasberry iced tea (i think), and a flavored water (cucumber perhaps). The lemonade will go in a big metal bowl I'm renting. The jars are great for entertaining (you can buy them here) although i scouted out a cheaper source. He'll also pick up some sparkling cold duck (red grape) for the toasts. It's been a family tradition at all our celebrations to bring out this stuff. I couldn't find a pic of the brand we get, but you get the pic.

On another note - my final dress fitting is tonight and we are doing the guest book tomorrow after work. has great looking books w/no limit on the pics, so that's what we're working with. I liked them better than my publisher, etc. The countdown continues!!

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