Friday, September 7, 2007

more work!

I just got hired to shoot this building in Indianapolis. 2 over from mine and a high profile one. Jan & I had been talking about taking out a small buisness loan to get more equipment (lighting kit, etc.) so I can head towards full time photography & my card business. Blessings like this mean we won't have to. The best thing about buildings, is that they don't stress me out, they pay reasonably well, and many of them have pretty cool interiors to check out - modern spaces and what not. Plus Jan & I get to wander together taking cool night shots into the wee hours, and I can buy him nice dinners and write it off for helping me.

(for those inquiring, i am putting all the wedding pics on a link this sun - for real!)


joyful704 said...

congrats to you! i wonder in the wee hours right now, but only to find oliver, feed him and convince him to go back to sleep!

jonathan said...

looks great! nice job!

you do realize that writing off a dinner means you only reduce your tax liability by that much, translating to a minimal savings. so the nice dinner will still cost you.

julia said...

yes, i realized that. but i would rather spend it on dinner, than giving it to the government. and dinner is always cheaper than paying a non-husband assistant $200.

if anyone needs a photographer - send them my way!