Thursday, January 10, 2008

these really do work

I picked up a set of 50 space saving hangers w/my 20% discount coupon last week and they are awesome. They really do condense your clothes into 1/3 of the space. I chose tan because the black seemed way too dark. Once we get another set of these, I'll be able to fit all of our clothes into the closet and take down the metal rack that's been taking up space. All the coupons say one per store visit, but the nice lady there told me you can bring in as many coupons as you have products that you are buying, and the coupons never expire (regardless of what it says). This was very annoying because we registered for our wedding here (and c&b), and nobody ever told us this. Consequently, I threw about 4 old coupons out 2 weeks ago. So keep those coupons. And if you don't need them, mail them to me!


joyful704 said...

i am totally buying these when i decide to tackle my closet, they will even ship over here!

Veeda said...

Hey! How are you? I really like your blog(s).

Hmm...this is a good tip. I might have to give it a try now.