Thursday, February 21, 2008


{courtesy of apartment therapy}

I am a big fan of Jonathan Adler, and a guy named Michael Williams put together this diorama of his designs with Barbies. I used to LOVE my Barbies so this is pretty exciting. Now, if only he could come over and dress Jan and I and our apartment. Oh, and it looks like we have a friend standing next to me. ok, I'll pick Joy since the coloring matches.


Veeda said...

I love this!!!

Michelle said...

i'm so glad that didn't exist when i was young enough to play with barbies. i would have been really screwed up. but, for mature adults it's fantastic! let's find another one that looks like me, so i can play, too!

joyful704 said...

i love my outfit! just wait until i get a tan this summer!