Tuesday, April 22, 2008

birds of a feather

{3 wk old wild bunnies, the poor owl w/one eye}
{Robert, the once pet duck, Damion, the dog that would sit and wave for my pics}
{the one legged pigeon, and the falcon}

The other weekend, Jan took me to Providence Wildlife to do a video piece for school on the lady that runs this operation. It's a great story, and a noble cause. She takes in all sorts of hurt or abandoned animals, particularly birds, and tries to heal them and then release them again. I held the bunnies, watched her feed the falcons large dead rats/mice, and made friends with Robert the friendly duck, and Damion the adorable dog I called Marmaduke. This was a fun trip. Her site shows you the amazing difference one person can make. (ps i didn't bring my camera, so theses were taken w/my phone - apologies for the bad quality)

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