Tuesday, May 27, 2008

costa in a nutshell

relaxing. friends. laughing. lizano salsa. swimming in the rain. arenal volcano. truth or dare. wahoo wahoo tacos. bartering with locals. zip lines. ceviche. rain, rain, rain. white sand beaches. new photography friend. baby monkeys. watermelon juice. beans & rice. car games. korean legends. miracles. crazy drivers. speed bumps. humpback cows. night calisthenics. carnival. plantains. sodas. well water. beautiful women & children. mini ants. cristal. music in church.

photo link to follow...


Kristie said...

dying to see what a humpback cow looks like!

rachel thurston said...

new photography friend! Yay!! Your photos look great...the volcano one?! that needs to be a magazine cover.

I heart lizano salsa.