Monday, May 5, 2008

the travelling 2

Well, we've made as far as UT and here's what we learned:

1. start your trip with 20 cent cheaper gas from costco
2. pack your bag full of trader joe's snacks
3. love your friends and family for sending you off with treats
4. don't pack condiments for making your own sandwiches - rely on arbys, etc.
5. watch out for 60 mile/hr winds in kansas
6. watch out for blizzards in colorado
7. be prepared for all weather. it was supposed to rain in utah, but we got 75 degree sun. yeah!
8. never pack your car up too full for deals like 10 for $10 cereal at albertsons in utah. (ok, so we got 20)
9. call neighbors ahead of time. our said if we had, we could have stayed at their cabin along the way.
10. (revised) never leave for a road trip without a 'man' bag filled with magazines (thanks holly)

(scenic pics are taken from a moving vehicle)


Betsy said...

The best part of this post is that bag you're holding in the first picture.

julia said...

oh yeah. i need to add that to the list. jan's sister filled it with magazines and said everyone who goes on a road trip needs a man bag. :)

ricka said...

shoulda told us you were going through stl. woulda suggested a good stop. coulda relived old memories. oh well. looks fun!