Monday, May 12, 2008

when (older) kids don't listen to their mother

After church yesterday, we got in the car and saw an overly chromed out black dodge neon leaving the parking lot. We looked just in time as the man almost hit a hispanic boy in a black suit who he didn't see crossing the lot. Nothing too dramatic, just something where you would pause, make sure he was ok and not scared, wave a 'sorry!' and keep going. Oh no. He (with white calligraphic lettering on the back window that said 'hot boy' and 'bad *ss' on the front window) stops his car and gets out and throws his hands up, like what are you doing kid, trying to get yourself killed? then he leaves the parking lot, turns onto the street 20 ft away and parks. Who comes into a church parking lot and tries to confront a 10 year old for crossing the street in his own church's lot? The poor boy. It makes me angry to witness mean people. Especially on mother's day.

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f*bomb. said...

That dude's mom probably hates him.