Monday, June 9, 2008

latest movie

This was a good documentary. It opened my eyes to the realities of hospitals. It allowed me to understand home births. It made me cover my eyes during the c-sections and cringe when the ladies moaned. Everyone mom has done this. I asked Jan again to be my seahorse, because males carry the babies. He always says yes. I always know it'll never happen, but I ask anyways. Hospital procedures frustrate me. The lack of options and how for the most part you have to say ok to whatever the doctor thinks is 'best' even if it's not. They treat it like a system. In & out. Platocin speeds up contractions, the epidural slows them down, more platocin to speed it back up. Meanwhile the baby's blood pressure and heart is going crazy, so you need to get it out. Oh hey, let's do a c-section and tear through muscles. Uggh. Maybe someday we can try a home birth. At some point I'll have 9 months to research and prepare for this. Because I'm not yet ready.


Holly said...

yeah adoption! woot woot!! :)

char said...

i've seen water births. don't worry girl...i'll bring the baby pool over and everything will be fine! trust me!!

f*bomb. said...

This is what Rachel sits through all the time. AND PHOTOGRAPHS.
Personally, the idea of a camera anywhere near my woot-woot makes me want to hide.

Veeda said...

I had my girl natural but in a hospital. I still have to see this movie, but i heard it's really good.

I still wish guys could be sea horses too and have the babies for us.