Monday, July 7, 2008

what we've been up to part 2

I promised J no fireworks this year so we headed to Angeles National Forest, about 40 min's NE of here on the 4th. We stopped at REI to get directions and passed on the map, thinking we would get a free one at the entrance. Only, there was no entrance. So we just picked a route and drove all over, ending up by a pretty creek. The spider hole on the right occupied a good 20 min's of j's time, trying to catch small flies that were hovering all over us and casting them in the web. 1/10 worked.

Sat. night we went on a hike up Pacific Palisades with noz & scott to see the view of the whole area and ocean. We went up at 6pm to avoid the heat and it was tiring but so pretty. After church on sun, we went to a sweet & savory crepe dinner at rachel's. Yum!

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