Monday, August 25, 2008


my friend joy is throwing a pirate party for her son and asked for some ideas. i've been to quite a few adult ones, and a lot of the ideas can be used for children as well. some of my favorite ideas are bloody finger cookies , an invitation made to look old with coffee and burned edges showing a map to your house, sacs filled with chocolate coins and other goodies embellished with a gocco skull, a buried box in your yard with cheap fun jewelry for all to wear...and pin the eye patch on the pirate. anyone else have any ideas to help joy?


Holly said...

awww, there's our friend Sam... the Pyrite! He may not have won best costume, but at least he won pin the patch, eh? arrrghhhh

Scott said...

i love you!!! thnks for all your help....i found a bunch of fabric today for pirate sashes and flags!!