Monday, August 18, 2008

the kings

my weekend was spent...working fri, working sat., work party sat. night, church & friends in town on sunday. it went pretty fast. caroline's family came into town and we took some family photos and had dinner w/them. i've known her for some time, and her family, so it's always fun to see them. the kids are really a lot of fun for my camera. i wonder why it is that parents want their kids to sit still for the camera, and i want them to have fun and act up, and i always think those photos show more of who they are? aren't these normal faces for kids this age? i'll post more on my other blog later today.

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Kristie said...

maybe as parents we want to forget the 'acting up' moments and focus on those rare angelic times, freeze frame them, and in our old age we can brag about what good children we had!