Thursday, August 21, 2008

shopping assistant

If you know me, you know I love a good sale. But sometimes rummaging through racks to find my size can take forever! My friend Rachel sent me an invite to shop it to me. You check the brands you like, your sizes, the types of clothes you're looking for, and (perfect for us) i can do it for J as well. Ties, shoes & handbags are even included. You even get to tell them how often to send you the email so as not to clutter your inbox. The great part is that it's not just designer labels - stores like jcrew (where the above skirt is half off) and the gap are included. Let me know if anyone wants to join up - leave your email and I'll invite you in!


Abbie said...

Oh... count me in! I love this idea (especially living 3+ hours from the nearest mall)! owens dot abbie (at) gmail dot com


Nancy said...

Count me in!!
I love a good deal and usually shop from the internet anyway :)