Tuesday, August 12, 2008


after work, i walked to albertsons and picked this rental up for $1. it's about 2 guys who meet and are both dying of cancer. they make a list of things to do before they die and aim to do all of them. not too brilliant of an idea, but well executed. i walked to farmer's market and picked up a few plants for the porch and met a really interesting 80-ish yr old lady who told me that everyone's eyes were really blue, and that if i drank rosemary tea for a few weeks, mine would turn to their real color, which is blue, like 'the sky'. she's a nutritionist/raw foodist/hippie who showed me a spot to get free herbs - planted on public property. i'm just wondering about this rosemary tea idea...she claims it's a really good cleanser to your system.. she also had me get some herbs to plant from the plant man and told me how to grow them and to eat the leaves with avocado spread and tomatoe. she also said bread is horrible and people who eat it will get colon cancer - yikes! it's fun making new friends at the farmer's market.


Erica said...

i loved this movie!

Kristie said...

I heard about the blue eye theory a long time ago. It's interesting that you ran into someone who believes it. I have a hrad time with that one, as 'hippie' as I can be at times. I just love Bill's rich brown eyes! It would have been nice to have at least one (out of seven) blue eyed kid, maybe I'll start serving rosemary tea and see if I can't change that:-)