Wednesday, October 15, 2008

coffee table

i found this image on the flickr stream from a magazine in canada. i really dig the coffee table and no amount of googling can track it down. so j is going to help me make it. it will bring the feel of the beach/nature to our apt as we fill it w/rocks and shells (we already have a pile started) and display them under a glass top. the rocks will keep it weighed down. we'll get the metal (either silver or black) and then have it welded so there are no sharp point sticking out when visitors come over. a little modern, a little eclectic. anyone have any ideas of what else we can place in there? old b&w family photos perhaps?


Kristie said...

Hide all your money in it, then if the banks fail, you'll be safe! Har har, It sounds like a fun project, good luck and show the finished table when your done, along with the plans!!

JMB said...

Tables ETA: sometime early next year.
Engineered and constructed by non other than, JMB steel erection services.

h51773 said...

(Nancy's daughter) In Sante Fe there is an art gallery that has similar peices in there back court yard including a chaise that my dad and I thought was pretty cool.