Sunday, October 5, 2008

upcoming move

1. the benders got approval on our new apt in marina del rey!
2. we will be in muncie packing stuff into a truck oct. 23-26th (j finishes school next fall)
3. we will need some help loading up the truck on sat. in exchange for good food

4. if you don't want to lift things, please bring a large sign that says 'apt for rent' that you can hold while mingling outside. shaking this to music will earn you extra dessert.
5. we're selling items if people are interested: large tv, shelves, a few chairs, rug, microwave, queen matt/box. & the grill after we use it to feed you
6. we still need someone to rent the place, so spread the word please!
7. we're giving away food that we can't ship on a first come first serve basis. this includes luxury items like...ketchup & mustard.
8. anyone is more than welcome to visit after we move out of our los angeles box.


Kristie said...

You know the Inmans are here for you! I'll mark it on our calendar.

Nancy said...

Are your box springs and mattress newish? Also are you selling those wonderful leather chairs? Or, chairs as in kitchen chairs???

julia said...

the boxspring was brand new, the mattress is a little older. we're keeping the cool leather chairs, selling an old wooden reupholstered red chair, another wood armed chair w/a black seat, and my kitchen chair. (not sure if you remember that one). and a west elm brown morrocan inspired rug. i'll put them all out for sale on the front lawn on sat. - you're free to add anything you want to sell as well. i'll throw up some signs when we get in.