Tuesday, November 11, 2008

of all the luck

i just went on my lunch break to quit pb. i have a lot of freelance on my plate now, plus the full time gig and i can't give up spending time w/family over the holidays for a part time job. they're usually pretty adamant that if you work, you have to help through the holidays and busy season. so i figured i'd have to quit before thanksgiving. only, the manager said no. no? no. she'll let me work one or two sat's a month, help w/floorsets in the evenings every few months, and other than that, i can just call in when i have free time. 'and you can keep your discount.' i think that the black cloud that followed me while we were moving has morphed into a lucky charm. image via

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rachel thurston said...

seriously. way to be awesome pb. yay for discounts..that discount applys to neighborhood friends too, right?