Friday, December 12, 2008

holiday wishlist

these are some of the things on my wishlist this year, in case anyone is looking for ideas for your own friends/family. i'll post my list, and then jan's in case you want some guy ideas.

1. a tea kettle (w/my discount)
2. stockings with
this style of design,
slippers (i know i live in LA, but my feet still get cold!)
4. vintage ornaments from thrift stores/flea markets
5. old archie comic books (i've read/collected these since i was a kid)
wicked tickets (the show is over in january!)
7. ground cinnamon from
whole foods (seriously, amazing).
i also told his family i would love a small lemon tree (around $20) or a citrus press - the vintage kind that you push the handle down on.

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Claus said...

Hi Julia. Just thought you might be interested in this campaign that Palm is running where you can text in your wish to santa and actually have a chance to win what you text.
Here's the link...