Thursday, January 15, 2009

mrs. roomba

with the help of my grandma and a small freelance project, j & i bought a roomba from costco just before the holidays. we have only used it twice, but it's pretty great. if you aren't in the know about what she is, she is a robot vacuum. that's right. press 'clean' and off she goes. you can set timers for certain days of the week or place her in a spot and have her circle and spot clean something really dirty.

our reasoning for this purchase was 1. we have absolutely no storage for an upright 2. refer to #1. we have a small hand vac from our wedding registry which worked w/our hardwood but is no match for a fully carpeted apartment. she goes over the metal chair legs and under the dining table, and all in all does a pretty great job of cleaning. she tries to go outside on the porch but gets stuck so we have to remember to keep the door closed.

before we bought her, i talked to several owners, & read reviews. costco is great for returns so we figured if it dissapointed at anytime we would get our $ back. does anyone else have one? any problems? it is very entertaining to watch, quieter than my hairdryer and doesn't damage furniture.

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Jayci said...

my cousin has one and she loves turning it on at night when she goes to sleep. She says she doesn't hear hers if she keeps her door shut... as long as it doesn't run INTO the door, I suppose! It would be a great thing to have around.