Wednesday, February 4, 2009

unexpected blessings

this week involved a lot of resumes, a lot of praying and a lot of BLAH, what in the world am i going to do?? and then out of nowhere, before my job is even done with (this fri was my last day), they have a big meeting and say we don't want you to go..completely. so i'm back part time, they raised my pay per hour and are having me do all their design work from now on. so every week, i will do that and photography.

anyways, here is a (bad) poem on how my week has been:

i had a job and then it was gone
no money for rent leads to begging at dawn
just mochi and me, eating veggies together
while i thought about me, broke, lounging in the warm la weather

i guess it's not so bad i thought, getting tan while i wait
until i thought about being evicted, j's stuff in the trash he might hate
so i turned in some resumes and talked to everyone i knew
and then my job resurfaced, my cube i could come back to

i'm still broke and poor but happy in spirit
i'll get to do more photography, now will you hire me?

(sorry, but really, what rhymes with spirit?)


carolinesbakeshop said...

fear it?

Mandy said...

glad to see you still have a job. A bit of a relief i bet.

JMB said...

fear it
near it
hear it
tear it
steer it
clear it
beer it
mirror it
endear it

But what ever you do, please don't..... schmear it!

Jayci said...

that is great that you still have your job! mochi - is that a pet? ;o) cute!

glad you're happy in spirit!

julia said...

mochi is our pet rabbit that looks like a panda.

yay for work!

Erica said...

happy day you still have a job!

Kim said...

what a relief! I'm glad to hear everything has worked out...