Monday, May 18, 2009

graduation party

sorry for the bad photos of the party, they were taken with my tiny camera. i got off work, ran home and frosted the cupcakes and then people started coming over and the fun took over me taking pictures! it was a really good time. the smartest thing to do for a party is to say yes to everyone that offers to bring something. people brought artichoke spinach dip, a fresh fruit salad, bruchetta, edamame, marinated wings with blue cheese dip and tortilla and mediterranean hummus. my friends are really good cooks.

i had everyone come prepared to teach something they had learned in grades K-college. anything at all. here is what people came up with:
  • how to make a bb gun from a mechanical pencil and rubberband
  • how to fold paper into a heart for passing notes
  • how to make yourself and/or others faint (not fully demonstrated)
  • how to text message while still seeming fully intrigued in what the teacher is saying
  • how to say i love/want you in 4 different languages
  • how to look pregnant if you are a man
  • how to throw a gang sign (blood) with your hands
  • how to spin a pencil in your hands
  • how to tahitian dance (the girls and guys learned separately and then we performed for eachother)


Jayci said...

that is awesome! I love the 'learning' segment of the party. :oP the food sounds unbelievably good!

Amy said...

I love the idea of having people come prepared with something to share; what a great way to get everyone all loosened up. The food sounds so yummy too; I could live entirely on party food...

rachel thurston said...

only the best party ever! thanks for getting us all together.

(remember when farrah took the chicken out of the oven? love that girl).