Monday, June 8, 2009

trip home

things i did when i went home:

1. hiked tennessee valley (saw baby rabbits, baby skunk, 2 deer, quail, turkeys)
2. ate banana carmel chocolate chip ice cream and guava ice cream from
lappert's with friends
3. johnny rockets with family in the city
4. placed my dad's hand on my belly to feel mango and then laughed when he couldn't fall asleep until 2am because he was weirded out
5. picked up super cute sushi board book from consignment store for only $1.50
6. picked up some of these cute ceramic plates for mom so the grandkids don't destroy the adult dinnerware. ($2.50/ea w/my discount)
7. went on long walks with dad every day around tiburon
8. talked to the tiburon fire chief. dad's excited about j possibly being a fireman and freelancing video/editing on the side. they work two 24 hr shifts/wk and get paid well with benefits and a pension. my dad is big on pensions. we'll see. :)


Jayci said...

sounds like a great trip home!! Tiburon looks beautiful. And those plates are so cute. That icecream? YUM. I'd love some!!

carolinesbakeshop said...

i love lappert's!

Lenox Family said...

ooh, does the sushi board book rhyme? i got kelly's daughter, sammy, that one at SFMOMA when she was little - i loved it!

julia said...

julie - yep, it's the one that rhymes. it's so cute!