Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 whole years

tuesday, jan & i celebrated our 2 year anniversary. with a baby coming soon, we decided to put what we would have spent on us towards something longer lasting, for him. traditionally the 2 yr present is cloth, so we are working to save for a rocking chair. our initial ideas of a fancy beach restaurant turned to walking around the culver city farmers market and sampling all the fresh fruit, leaving with peruvian food and fresh squeezed mango/strawberry/pineapple juice from the stands. we drove to the marina del rey beach and sat on the rocks and watched surfers while the sun set. it was perfect. sometimes you want a big thing, but other years, simpler is better. photo via rachel

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Jayci said...

happy anniversary! :) that is so sweet, I love that picture! Cute little [growing] family. the sunset watching on the beach with fresh squeezed juice sounds absoLUTely perfect!!