Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i know talented people

i know people with skills, and they share those with me in the form of gifts. i thought it only proper that i recognize them and give them mad props.

first my friend mandy, who made me this car seat cover to help keep mango in the dark to sleep longer or stay out of the cold when la hits the 50's. (or when we visit utah and indiana) note the brown wooden button that disguises the easy velcro underneath. i love this! she is so talented.
then my sister-in-law katie who spent months hand sewing this rad bear with a shark tale. he may look angry, but it's only a trick.
note all his different moves already. i'll have him changing mango's diapers in no time.
and finally my sister-in-law holly who blew me away with all this craftiness. some people put a strip of fabric down the center of cloth diapers, holly took it up a notch and quilted mine. and then hand embroidered a B on each one. for Bender. so nobody steals his spit up. don't worry, i'll have my eye on you if you are considering this.
and then, as if that wasn't enough, put together this bomb quilt. i couldn't have asked for a better pattern or colors. i love, love this and sort of want to keep it for myself but then i would be a bad mother. check out the pattern on the right, like a sun's rays blasting out of the center of the quilt.
anyways, i have had these for some time and kept meaning to post pictures because otherwise, it's just me at home admiring them on a daily basis. they are reminders of people's love towards mango and our little family, and i love that!


Jayci said...

wow - all of that is real talent!! :D I love the retro vibe from the gifts and handmade flair. I love that quilt and spit up rag and diapers! I've been thinking of putting up pictures of gifts as well.. I felt bad only showcasing ONE yesterday when there have been lots of cute, handmade things. I love that you did!

Holly said...

aww, so glad you likey. ;)