Monday, October 26, 2009

blessing reception: part I, the decor

I'm splitting this up into two posts. First, the decor & food, and next the people. I went with a simple R theme, for Ronin, and green & white as the colors.

First I made simple flags from a white & green sheet of paper. I cut them out, glued them to toothpicks, and then cut out the v-shape on the ends. We put the white ones on the cucumber sandwiches and the green on the pb&j for the kids. We made the pb&j a little more interesting with pear and apricot jam.

Sprinkles are a really easy way to customize a cake without adding extra frosting (for me, less is more). I used Illustrator to print out a large R, cut it out and lightly set it on top of the cake after the frosting had dried a little (about an hour). We pushed green sprinkles into the R, lifted off the paper, and voila.I got a green and white plastic tablecloth from target along with green & white striped napkins. Chocolate cupcakes in green, white & yellow liners from Surfas and ikea trays helped tie the theme together. We had cranberry white chocolate scones, orzo salad, croissants, meringues, and homemade chinese noodles (thank you uncle!).
Last but not least, the refreshments. $3.50/case bottled water from albertsons got an easy makover with 2 colors of green paper and a little creativity. We brainstormed words that described Ronin and created labels in illustrator that emphasized the R in each word.

It went from simple
to creative
to ridiculous
and on to how the little one came about. (korean + irish & we are both german)


shayna said...

yep, I'm hiring you to plan by birthday party...

rachel thurston said...

looks amazing! you are the least lazy person I know. wish I could have been there. xo.

carolinesbakeshop said...

so darling. seriously, probably the cutest party ever thrown. you amaze me.

Scott said...

you are insane. love it but you are crazy. as if a baby isn't enough work!

Jayci said...

wow!! i think a plane ticket would have been worth the cost to attend that little shin dig. :) I'm so impressed!! I love the pictures. and the last one is just plain CUTE!!!