Tuesday, January 12, 2010

first birthday

first birthday's in the korean culture are done big. in the olden days, if a baby made it to their 100th day, there was a big celebration. it meant the baby would survive, so they were introduced to their family and friends at a party. before the holidays, i was hired to shoot this wonderful birthday. they rented a room at boudin bakery (famous for their sourdough and clam chowder in a bread bowl) at fisherman's wharf in san francisco. they started the party dressed in traditional korean hanboks, and while the adults were eating lunch, a fairy showed up to entertain the kids with stories, puppets and face paints. another fun tradition involves laying items on a table to see which ones the baby chooses. long string (noodles) = a long life. money = wealth. rice = she will never go hungry. a microphone meant she would be an entertainer! little s chose money first, then the microphone. smart girl! favors of duk (chewy rice served at special occasions) and fresh baguettes were handed out as we left.

if you're considering having a photographer at your child's birthday party, let me know and i'll show you the rest! it was so fun.

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Jayci said...

that party sounds like the place to be!! Mont started out with the fist too! We wonder if he's a lefty because he's done everything first with his left hand.... sooo.... who knows! We're both righties. But Mark's sister and Grandpa Reeder are/were lefties. All this stuff that was so uninteresting once upon a time are SO interesting now! :) AND NO! No bikini for me.. Tankini + sarong. Looking through pictures though, I think I covered up too much. I looked FRUMPY. :( Next time I will be bold. I bet you look better than you think! :) Have so much fun!