Wednesday, February 24, 2010

and the calendar winner is...

Elizabeth!  Who said:
I LOVE this! I am like you...I must write things down by hand in a tangible planner, none of this Google Calendar stuff! Hope I win!
Elizabeth, email me your address (jphoto (at) gmail (dot) com) and I'll send this right out!  Plus, check out her great blog: awholelottaloving , filled with all sorts of pretty things. 

Thanks to all who participated.  I loved reading your comments/poems/desperate pleas for how organized you think this book would make you.  We loved reading your feedback on our first trial calendar. 

And thanks for all of you newbies who visited!

For those of you who mentioned interest in buying one if you didn't win, let me know if you are still genuinely interested.  Yours won't have margin errors and will be just as pretty.  We'll see if we can print some more if we have enough people that want one!


JMB said...
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Caroline said...

i still want one of those. i'd even pay for it:)

elizabeth jane said...

AWESOME!! SO excited i won! THANK YOU!