Friday, February 5, 2010

baby food

J & I are making our own baby food to save money, and we tried our hand at it for the first time tonight.  My aunt bought us the Beaba Babycook machine from Williams-Sonoma for my shower gift and we've been waiting to try it out.  We've started him on rice cereal and oatmeal and it is so fun to watch him learn to eat, as you can see in a previous post, he is really excited about finally being able to eat like us.  

The process was amazingly simple. I picked up organic fresh baby carrots and organic frozen peas from Trader Joe's and we had them both completed in about an hour.  (a little over $1 ea!) Jan cut up the carrots into thirds - the peas we just poured in.  Steam them both, blend, add a little water to thin and voila, homemade baby food!  Much cheaper than buying gerber or earth's best and they taste so sweet. I have some pears waiting to ripen, and will hunt down some butternut squash this week as well.  The books say foods can last about 3 months in the freezer. 

I'll keep posting as I make more things, especially as we get to the 2nd stages of food - a recipe ahead calls for mint & peas, yum!


carolinesbakeshop said...

super awesome. i think this is the way to go! now i'm craving peas. is that weird?

Mandy said...

good for you. making baby food is so easy and cheap, cheap, cheap. hope you are enjoying your weather today, it is a blizzard, possible 9 inches. I am so jealous.

Jayci said...

We are going to make Mont's own food (well.. I am. Mark would rather just feed him oreos and such!). I'm going to check out that link to the machine and hopefully find a book! :) Go Ro!