Wednesday, February 10, 2010

for the love of film

it's been awhile since i've shot 35 mm film. i took my grandfather's old canon out to the culver city farmers market the other month to test it out and finally had a chance to drop off the film.  the colors are amazing.  it's a whole new, better world than what i capture with digital.  the images make me want to eat everything i see.  (except the people of course) it's totally coming with me to hawaii, stay tuned!


rachel thurston said...

LOVE these. you are good. very good. PLUS I look kind of tough and really appreciate that. smooch!

Jayci said...

wow. Very cool! What film brand do you use? I haven't used film in a long time either.. but I haven't hat that much luck with the camera before, either. I love these photos!

word: undumpt

made me laugh!

julia said...

jayci - i grabbed some fuji for the bright colors. i typically used kodak portra for my hassleblad for portraits but for 35, especially farmers markets and hawaii, i wanted popping color. i love my film pics more than the digital! i find myself shooting less and getting exactly what i want.