Monday, March 8, 2010

chinatown & baked french toast

normally these two don't really go together.  but if you start your day with smitten kitchen's baked french toast and then head to chinatown with a car full of korean food for lunch and end at a birthday party, it might be a really, really good day.  after scarfing kim bap with bulgoki, we tried the most amazing mochi with red bean, rolled in baby coconut.  i couldn't get enough.

but enough about that.  let's talk about the french toast.  i've never made baked french toast.  i know there are a lot of recipes, and i've eaten 3 or so.  but recently i've been scoping out this new blog and thought i would try out her recipe.  because i totally agree with her.  when you have people over for breakfast, why is it that the cook (me) gets to hang out in the kitchen alone, while everyone else sits around a table and enjoys the food.  this recipe is easy.  seriously.  so easy.  slice bread, mix, pour, refrigerate and bake in the am.  i baked half the time w/a piece of tin foil on top, and then took it off for the last half to make sure it all got cooked through.  all what you ask? 

two layers of challah bread.  

my favorite vanilla

rind off a ripe meyer lemon picked minutes before off of my tree

milk (i used 2%), eggs and a pinch of cinnamon.  

soft on the inside, crispy on the top.  a tinge of maple syrup, a glass of fresh oj and your day has just gotten better.  trust me. 


when you've pulled your food coma face away from the table, go to china town, and find this square, just because. i used to walk into these stores as a kid and wish i had money to buy all the rad and quirky things in there.  now i have absolutely no use for them but still like checking them out watching tourists get excited.  i really want to do a photoshoot here. anybody want to collaborate?

all pics taken with iphone

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