Wednesday, March 31, 2010

natural dyed eggs

last weekend we got together with my cousins for dinner and to dye eggs.  i wanted to go natural this year and brought over a red cabbage (mixed with 1 T white vinegar) for some blue eggs.  my aunt and the kids mashed up some petals to get the pink dye, and grass to get the green. the grass didn't work that great, and she ended up adding green dye to the water, hence the bright green that doesn't look so natural.  the cabbage dye was beautiful though.  it says for optimal results to let soak a long time, we only had time to soak for 10 min's or so.  it was a lot of fun for the kids to learn what plants and vegetables can create color, rather than just squeezing some fake color from a tube.  even the babies liked handling the eggs. (stay tuned for an egg print giveaway tomorrow!)

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Jayci said...

Those eggs look like they need to be in a PB catalog or something perfect like that. :) how CUTE. And your Ronin is even cuter than those eggs!