Monday, May 24, 2010

torrance: military parade

we went to a military parade in torrance a few weeks ago.  because of j's job we were allowed access into the vip section, away from all the crowds.  when i first met j, he was finishing up active duty in the marines, now we are getting ready to send him to OCS (officer candidacy school) in june for 2 months for the national guard.  

i am officially a military wife and am still processing what this means.  it's scary in a way, but mixed with pride.  i watched these men & women in uniform and was proud of the people that have served and continue to serve our country without question.  we saw older men who had been held captive at some point during their service, the wives who waited patiently, and scouts standing proud next to marching troops. we truly live in a blessed nation because of these people.  (although jan & i did both notice that the marines were the only ones that walked with their bodies locked and in perfect formation)

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Jayci said...

Welcome to the family! :) It is a good feeling of pride for your man. And Jan has served before?? Go him!! :D I had no idea what it meant to be in the military when I married Mark, but I love it!