Friday, December 28, 2007

new project

I saw these hooks online once and fell in love (1/2 w/the product, 1/2 w/the great product photography). I knew w/the right amount of patience and work we could produce our own so that was what Jan & I worked on the afternoon before I left to come back to work. We went into their woods and cut down 3 carefully selected small maples and cut out about 35 or so potential hooks. We'll let them dry out until mid summer, where we'll sand them down, cut the backs off to lie flush against a wall, and drill holes in them to mount. We'll sell them online at etsy and at a craft show, and if they do well, we'll do some more! They are really beautiful, each unique, and some that we found are even double hooks, perfect for jackets or towels or craft supplies. We'll report back in 6 months!

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