Friday, March 7, 2008

new projects

Earlier this week, I brought over my Lotta Jansdotter book to Mandy's and made my first ever oven mitt and pot holder out of scrap wool from the days when I thought I was going to design laptop bags. I haven't had time to finish the bottom of the mitt yet, (I'll use a strip of the brown herringbone fabric) and I have one more potholder to sew up. I will post those upon completion when we get back from California. The patterns called for wool batting, and we couldn't find any here, so I bought a thick wool sweater at goodwill for $2 and cut it up. The oven mitt takes more time, but the pot holders are really fast and easy.

Blogging will be a little more sparse this week as we are heading home tonight for spring break for the week. I get to take a spring break for the first time in years! Hurray for freelance!


TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

Those look great Julia! I love them.
Have a great time in CA, I'm jealous. The kids are in school even though daddy's not, so we're stuck here in the cold!

Michelle said...

cute! i love lotta jansdotter. but, i'm finding i mostly like to buy her stuff already made. you are getting so innovative with your sweater stuffing and all.

p.s. spring break is only for college students. remember. working adults don't get them anymore. so...enjoy!