Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i have no time lately. why is it so hard to find a balance in life between the things i want to do, and things i am physically able to do. i am not busier than the next person work-wise. 30 hrs average at pb, and then 10+ hrs either shooting or editing/processing a shoot each week. sleeping an average of 7 hrs/night. it's just all those other things that i have to add in. blogging. grocery shopping. making dinners, eating dinners. emailing friends/clients & working on my website. re-designing my business cards & site so i can be an official bender, picking up photos from the printer, ordering camera supplies off amazon, cleaning the house, running misc. errands, spending time with friends, spending time with jan, calling friends back, paying bills, etc. here's what is currently being neglected: my etsy shop, my modele press book shop, exercising, filing old receipts, doing something with my wedding photos like, i don't know, framing them and making an album?, reading leisure books, writing in my journal, going to the beach, visiting my grandma, marketing myself for corporate photography/design knitting, sewing, & crafting.

well, now that i've spent 20 minutes writing this while trying to print sample business cards i'm going to break and eat some pie with chong & jan who is working on a 15 page paper.

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Leasha said...

Dude, just wait til you have kids...