Wednesday, July 23, 2008

why are all my recent posts about food?

eunnie's brother chong is staying w/us for a few days while he attends a nearby conference for work. we don't have a tv, but we do have good food. after dinner last night, we walked down to our new favorite froz yogurt place, yogiyo. it's korean (of course), and i must say if i dare, that i think it's better than pinkberry. i had the most amazing pink grapefruit frozen yogurt, topped with mochi, fruity pebbles and strawberries. if any of you haven't tried the latest asian craze (and you must top it with a similar crunchy, chewy, & fruity topping to get the best result), you must immediately buy a ticket and come visit us. it's that good.

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The Proctor Group said...

Thanks for letting Chong crash with you guys for a couple of days. He is still talking about that pink grapefruit yogurt from yogiyo's. We will have to try it sometime so I can get hooked to one more kind of frozen yogurt.