Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the week of thanksgiving

1. plan a side dish for thursday
2. make no knead bread in my lecreuset for thurs.
3. get my new bunny ready for the drive up north (more pics to come)
4. do a photoshoot for blush
5. check out heath ceramics (i ran out of time in sept)
6. print holiday cards for jen, assemble & deliver
7. take photo for our holiday cards
8. smother my cute nephew
9. see if i have time to make this wreath for my apt door
10. read this book
11. eat dad's famous homeade chocolate chip ice cream

what are you doing?


rachel lee said...

Let me know how that book is! Im looking for a good one...

Amy said...

Hey, you got a leCreuset! Do you love it?