Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the kitchen

our apt is coming along. one of the things i have been on the hunt for is a pan rack to open up more cabinet space. all the ones in the stores are a lot longer than the 24" space we have to work with. i used some creative thinking and picked up an 18" modern towel rack at home depot and some S-hooks. I'll post the finished product this week. The cost at crate & barrel was about $99. Mine was $25, and now my fry/crepe/grill pans hang all pretty on the wall.


Joy said...

hey! what brand. would work great in our new house.

julia said...

i don't remember! we threw the box away. but it was at home depot, so check, if not, i know they have it at the one by marina del rey. it was like $21-22, and the S-hooks were $2.23 for a 2 pack - I bought 2 packs.