Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the attack of the wax

here is a recent conversation between my dad, myself, and my 2 brothers. (note the sister-in-laws sat this one out). my dad had a really bad earache and i guess it was due to some wax he put in there to sleep and some got stuck and caused an infection. a typical abelmann dialogue...

dad: All fixed. Got last big piece of earplug wax removed today. Should heal up soon
me: that's so gross. what happend to those foam earplugs? when did you start buying wax? glad to hear you are better. but quite strange...
r: awesome, save it and make it into a candle for julia's birthday.
me: what is wrong with you people?
dad: Mom did save it!

j: That’s disgusting. Please dispose.
me: please tell mom not to freeze it in water...like the goldfish

dad: We were going to put it under julia's pillow instead of money. ps it was all cleaned out by the doctor!


Jayci said...

ewwww... haha the goldfish?? did you find that under your pillow too? ha!

Kristie said...

I just want to say ...yuck!