Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i left my heart..

sorry for the lack of posts as of late, i will explain later this week. in the meantime, i am headed home to SF tomorrow through sunday. i have some photoshoots scheduled & client meetings, and was hoping to plan something fun w/you sf friends, but it seems like we are subject to nonstop rain most of the weekend. if saturday cooperates, i'm free to hike around tiburon or marin saturday am. or meet in berkeley for ice cream at fentons. let me know! other than that, i'm excited to see my family and get spoiled w/good food.


Jayci said...

how FUN! I hope things are going well. Did you take that picture with one of those old-unpredictable-cameras that were being remade and redistributed by Urban Outfitters?? I can't remember the name of that camera!! The D....?

julia said...

sadly, this one was randomly on google, not mine. the camera is called the diana. and i love it. i need to take more pics and post them soon.