Friday, May 15, 2009

bike ride & the getty

j planned some surprises while he was home for us to do together. we've done 2/3 so far and i've loved them all.

wed. am we woke up early and biked a few miles out to playa del rey, an area we haven't checked out yet. we biked along the beach, to the little downtown to Mo's for breakfast. french toast, a california omlette (avocado, yum) and a pineapple peach smoothie. he sure does know how to feed a pregnant woman. that night i made some macademia white chocolate chip cookies for the party tonight. the recipe got really high reviews and although i won't eat nut cookies, he thinks they are amazing. i'll post it if anyone wants it.

yesterday morning we ended up at the getty. i have wanted to go to this for awhile so i was pretty excited. it's free all the time, all you pay is $10 for parking. you take a tram up the mountain to the most beautiful museum i've seen. with meetings to attend for j, we had just enough time to see the photography exhibits and wander the gardens and eat some apple blueberry pie. typically pie at a museum stand is iffy, this was fantastic. you can see the pregnant belly in the shot of me at the fountain. because i've grown so much, i can't really see where i'm walking. on the way to that rock i walked straight into the fountain, thinking it was a dry path. of course there were some elementary school kids to see it and laugh at me. awesome. please come visit me and i'll take you here. you won't regret it. we're going back this summer.


TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

Your pregnant belly is adorable. That looks like a great museum. An art museum with good pie? Seriously, what could be better?

Kristie said...

I agre with Queen, you need more pics of that beautiful belly! I want the recipe!! Those are Tawny's favs.

rachel thurston said...

love the getty. lets go take photos there together sometime? pre baby?