Monday, May 11, 2009


last weekend we went to the culver city antique car show on saturday. it was warm out and i stopped into ugo for some of the most amazing pineapple gelato. i don't have a gelato maker but we are going to a friends house for hawaiian food wed. night, so i'm going to try my hand at this recipe for pineapple sorbet. it says to blend it up well but i'm going to leave some chunks in there because that's what i love about ice cream/gelato. i'll let you know how it turns out.

{update: it's fantastic!! so much so that j wants me to open a booth at the farmer's market and sell it. the key is ripe pineapple.}


Jayci said...

mmm that looks so sweet and refreshing!! Please tell us how that recipe turns out. I'll save it until I hear otherwise. ;) mm!

rachel thurston said...

thanks for sneaking us a taste! wow. it was good.