Monday, August 17, 2009

baby room (closet)

people that know me know i love home decor, and have been asking me all about the babies room. well, we currently live in a one bedroom sooo, the baby is going in a walk in closet surrounded by our clothes for his first few months. things will be more normal once we move to a 2 bedroom. people that know me also know i research like crazy to find the best deal, so i'll include those as well as much as i can.

for now, this is what we do have:
  • portable hotel crib from hilton (free - thanks noz!), white bedding, infant stim mobile
  • porthole mirror from my favorite antique shop in indianapolis (similar to this)
  • an ikea poang chair (after tons of research, this was the best mix of affordability, comfort and modern style) with this pillow
  • netto cub crib still boxed from overstock for $500 less than retail & $2.50 shipping(sold out)
  • 2 square green and white storage containers that fold flat for his books and toys (gc's + discount)
  • basket w/liner for diapers (i got a navy and white stripped liner, again 40% off + gc)
  • wood changing table top made by our friend
  • oeuf bouncer ($20 at consignment shop)
  • diaper dude herringbone bag ($25 clearance at marshalls)
  • vintage abc calligraphy print in an orange garage sale frame (ripped out of a goodwill book, $1 frame)


Jayci said...

great idea on the hotel crib!! i'm using my old one! nothing like cheap or free things! :o)

liz stanley said...

awesome! and feel bad about him sleeping in a closet, i know tons of kids that sleep in closets and perfectly happy. they also sleep better cause it's super dark.

Kristie said...

David slept in a dresser drawer, I think he turned out OK.

Amy said...

Okay, we also searched high and low for a cool-looking, modern chair that could be a nursing chair and almost bought the poang. But at the last minute I thought, "Wait, I won't care what this thing looks like at 3am!" So, we bought this ugly-as-sin lazy boy from a neighbor down the street and it has been the best purchase ever! The only thing I'd worry about with the Poang is the hard arms. Your arm is supporting baby and you want something soft supporting your arm. You can stuff pillows under there, but, I don't know, it was all I could do to drag myself out of bed... But, it could work! It definitely could, maybe with a boppy or something:)

julia said...

amy - i totally am with you on the hard arms, hence the pillow i bought and we have a boppy. or maybe i can sew a little fabric padding as a wrap around the arms? i am hoping to just feed in bed at nights since i am not a good bed dragger. :)

Veeda said...

I'm so excited for you guys!

Virginia Janet said...

Nice selection of those things for baby room decor!! Sears offers good variety of nursery decorative stuff!!

julia said...

thanks virginia - i haven't been to sears in ages so i'll have to swing by!